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This award will go to a business that has enhanced or grown Wirral's visitor economy. You will demonstrate how you have marketed your business to attract new visitors to the borough and raise the profile of Wirral, including retail, entertainment, hospitality, accommodation and visitor attractions. Judges will look for evidence of how you have invested in your business to provide an outstanding service.  

The judges will be looking for evidence of: 

  • Your current business performance

  • Examples of your wider contribution to our visitor economy 

  • Examples of how you adapted to COVID’s impact in the market

  • The stand-out quality that makes your organisation an outstanding visitor experience

  • Your vision / strategy to attract and sustain domestic tourism 

  • Have identified new income streams, developed products and/or invested in workforce development


Please state what your business is and the sector it operates in (maximum 350 words). Include your key business achievements that are significant for your market sector or industry. (Please note that should you become a finalist the answer to this question will be used in external PR & Communications to explain who you are).

In no more than 1000 words, please tell us why you think you should win this award. Refer to the points above as a guide to ensure you provide our judges with a full understanding of your organisation.

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